• Nitrous Oxide: System Installation, Consultation, Race Track tuning 

Ted Brine

  • Aluminum block and Cylinder Head Repair: TIG welding, CNC replication of damaged combustion chambers, Main bearing saddles installed to maintain crank centerline
  • Nostalgia Racing: Restoration , Fabrication & Manufacture of old hard to find parts, Update old designs


  • Balancing: Even the toughest Stroker cranks are no problem

Eric Turri

Jerry Martino


  • Complete cylinder block machining: Bore, Torque plate hone, Deck & square, lifter bushing, Align hone, if it can be done to an engine block...we can do it

Mill 3 & 5 Axis Capabilities

Intake spacers are one of our most popular products


Anything that's round and some things that aren't

Custom valve seats and guides Ductile Iron and A45 copper alloy

AN fittings

Nitrous and EFI bosses